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Secretary’s Desk

Mr.Rohit Vinod Gaikwad
SECRETARY- Pragat Samajik Shikshan Society
Our college Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Science and Adv. Gurunath Kulkarni Commerce and management mahavidyalaya was founded by our founder and my father Dr V.M. Gaikwad for the purpose of giving education to the children belonging to whatsoever circumstances. Over 12000 students have studied under the guiding light of our founder Dr V.M. Gaikwad. He always made me accept the reality and gave me the strength to move forward in life. He may not be with me but the things which he taught me and all the people who were under him and who worked with him and also the people who were under his guiding light always feel Sir’s presence in some or the other way like a personality he was. In this very tender age I took some of the responsibilities which were not part of me because I am a MBBS student and also I started a good career in music and I also played cricket and also many things which I did and suddenly these things came up on me the businesses the colleges which have to be run and the legacy which have to be kept alive. I was really confused and shocked like how to go about it but the thing which kept me going was I idolized my father and thought if if he was with me watch me taking this responsibilities and making him proud with the actions which I will do in future how proud he will be and that thinking pushed me forward to grow and to move forward exponentially. To all the people who are reading this it is very important to have a goal while doing something. And to have a goal you should be very understanding as for what you are doing it. I always tell my colleagues my friends and everyone, whoever you are idolizing just keep that person in your mind in your frame and just think you are doing something and if that person comes there to see you while doing that work whether your head will be up with pride or you will regret. It is a very crucial thing and a very important lesson in life. Our trust and college have been working since 3 decades for the purpose of betterment of the society. Our vision is to grow and spread education in each and every part of the vicinity and to make the students believe in education. I am an example myself I have everything I have the responsibility I have the opportunity but still I don’t compromise anything on my education because I know its value and there won’t be any good sort of a thing if I leave the education. And this awareness and thinking we Pragat Samajik Shikshan Society and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Science and Adv. Gurunath Kulkarni Commerce and management mahavidyalaya have to spread among the larger group.